Egg Shipping Foam
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Our foam is custom manufactured with our customers in mind. We have sold thousands of this foam and its made with the best materials possible to help ensure safe transit of your eggs during shipping.  Each foam sheet is 11 13/16"x11 13/16"x1 3/4" and has 105 pre cut holes for quail eggs.   These foam sheets are designed to fit into the #7 Priority Mail box available at your local Post Office.  We also recommend purchasing two plain sheets for padding.  One on top of your eggs and one below.  The plain sheets have the same dimensions except the thickness is 1/2".  These are the same foam sheets that we use to ship eggs to our customers.  Foam sheets are the most preferred way of shipping eggs compared to other methods.  Paper mache trays do not hold the eggs in place as well and if the box should become dented or perhaps even dropped then the likelihood of eggs being cracked or broken is very high. Most breeders ship 5% extra eggs and the 5 extra holes are perfect for 100 egg orders!
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We now carry the 36 hole pheasant, chukar,  bantam egg foam!

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Pictures of our foam materials ready for shipping to our customers